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Letter Requesting a Letter of Love or Support…

Love Letter or Letter of Support from a Wellness JournalIn past posts, I have talked about requesting “love letters” or letters of support from family, friends, and sweethearts.  These letters should be added to a wellness journal, to be reviewed when you are struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness.   I have included an example of a letter to give to your support person.   Keep in mind that sometimes you may not get your letter back for quite some time.  If you provide your loved ones with the paper and a stamped envelope, you may have better luck in getting it back.

Dear [sweetheart, family member or friend],

I have been working on creating a “Wellness Journal” to help me in treating my depression.    A Wellness Journal is a compilation of self-affirmations, positive memories, goals, tools, and letters from people who love and care about me.   I would like to ask you to assist me on my path to wellness and happiness.

One of the key components of a wellness journal is letters of love and support from people like you, people who love and care about me.   To this end, I would like to ask if you would be willing to write an honest, truthful letter outlining the positive things that you like and appreciate about me.

I will be reading the letter when I am struggling with feelings of depression and loneliness.  Memories and examples are often a terrific addition to the letter.   The letter does not need to be long, but it does need to be heartfelt.   Also please handwrite the letter, instead of typing it; there is something powerful about a hand written letter.

Once again, thank you for helping me to treat my depression and to navigate my path to wellness.

Love,  [your name]

Hopefully this example will help you in requesting letters of love and support from your family, friends and sweethearts.

Keep in mind that this only one part of the Wellness Journal, and is only one step on the road to mental wellness.

Your comments are appreciated

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